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Measure your sustainability maturity

The Sustainability Maturity Survey is an annual survey by the HUB Institute on the sustainable maturity of organisations. It allows you to measure the sustainable maturity of your organiaation. 

Built around the 7 challenges of sustainable and inclusive transition, as identified by the HUB Institute, this survey provides an assessment of the progress of organisations in their sustainable approach. This annual survey provides a progress report on the evolution of companies and their transformation. 

You have until May 5 to take part in this survey, the anonymous results will be presented at the Sustainable Leaders Forum on 11 May by Fabrice Bonnifet (C3D) and Romina Boarini (OECD). You will then receive your personalized results, detailing your position compared to all respondents. 

The matrix of the 7 challenges of the sustainable strategy

The results of the survey conducted in 2021 have enabled us to establish a representative picture of the CSR reality in France: a clear overall vision to identify, according to the sectors of activity, the key measures to accelerate the sustainable transition. 

This survey is an essential starting point for understanding the sustainability maturity of your organization but also - and more importantly - that of your industry.