Impact Leaders Forum

Communauté des Entreprises à Mission


As an association under the French law of 1901, the Community of Companies with a Mission aims to bring together all managers and entrepreneurs who place a social or environmental purpose at the heart of their project. We share the conviction that companies are a formidable lever of innovation to meet contemporary challenges and build a more sustainable society. Our mission is to promote and unite new forms of enterprise that combine positive impact and performance. With the PACTE law, the notions of raison d'être and mission-based enterprise are recognised in law. The emergence of this new status must be an opportunity for companies to continue their efforts to make the meaning and increase the social utility of their activities explicit. We want to: 🔔 Create a shock of commitment in order to convince and encourage the commitment of all managers and entrepreneurs, so that each company can take part in the common good on its own scale and in its own way. 📣 Seize the opportunity of the recognition of the status of company with a mission to involve and accompany a maximum number of companies in this movement, at a time when social expectations towards these companies are becoming stronger. 🥇 Encourage this movement of transformation of capitalism, in order to build a responsible capitalism: the mission-oriented company is a powerful tool for mobilising society and for transformation.

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