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Created in 2018, Zenride has become the velotaf (cycle-to-work) actor for companies and their employees. Available everywhere in France, Zenride offers a service that is adopted by committed, modern and responsible companies. Zenride's objective is to help companies enhance their employer brand, give credibility to their CSR policy and improve their well-being. Today, Zenride supports more than 400 customers including Saint-Gobain, Veolia, Accor, Axa... with a fleet of nearly 6,000 bicycles throughout France. Zenride was born from a desire to act. Out of a desire to live better. But also out of the conviction that it is urgent to change our vision of mobility, to take back control of our travels while contributing to the climate challenge. The velotaf with Zenride; an advantage that improves the life of employees, their health, their productivity, while controlling their environmental impact.


Zenride x Talent Business Solutions, le cas client
Zenride x Pasàpas, le cas client
Zenride x Saint-Gobain, le cas client.

Actualités - Livres blancs

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Business cases

Cas Client Talent BS x Zenride - Renforcer sa marque employer pour fidéliser et attirer les talents
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Case study Zenride x Saint-Gobain - Réduire l’empreinte carbone des salariés grâce aux mobilités durables
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